Patient Stories

Bob Cory

ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY: The pain became relentless, robbing Bob of his ability to enjoy life. Hiking became agony, climbing stairs difficult.

Muriel Douglass

PHYSICAL THERAPY: Vertigo forced Muriel to crawl to the bathroom, sick but too dizzy to stand. “I feel like I’ve been thrust into space.”

Debi Hofferber

EMERGENCY CAR: They arrived at the hospital around midnight. Appendicitis was soon confirmed with a CT scan.

Dean Tonseth

INTERNAL MEDICINE: Dean didn’t know it yet, but he had a life-threatening medical condition. What he also had was a diligent physician.


OBSTETRICS: Penny and John experienced a whirlwind of emotions when they learned they were expecting their first child.

Nancy Jurenka

HOSPITAL: Retired Central Washington University professor Nancy Jurenka has just one word for KVH Hospital: “Fantastic!”

Sydney Skistad

PEDIATRICS: She’s only 6 years old, but Sydney already knows that you don’t have to get sick to visit the doctor.

Skip Little

HOME HEALTH: Skip went home forty pounds lighter, drainage tubes still in his body, and his incision unhealed because of an infection.

Steve Talerico

URGENT CARE: After a long day’s work, Steve cut his thumb on a broken glass while doing dishes at home.

Jordan Jackson

FAMILY MEDICINE: Four days before he was to leave for the Paris-Roubaix cycling road race, Jordan needed a medical release.