Patient Stories

Benny Wenz

URGENT CARE: For the Wenz family, the reassurance of having the Urgent Care close by is priceless.

Mike Knutson

EMERGENCY CARE: After Mike’s crushing accident, “I was on my hands and knees. It was the only way I could breathe.”

Larry Petry

URGENT CARE: Larry was using a grinder to cut a piece of steel when the tool bounced and struck his wrist.

Hunter Rogala

EMERGENCY CARE: Hunter was three months old when he developed a serious respiratory infection and began struggling to breathe.

Jerry Grebb

LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY: When a CT scan revealed a hiatal hernia, Jerry had laparoscopic surgery to bring his stomach back into place.


FAMILY MEDICINE: They’re so confident in their doctor that they drive from the west side – 280 miles round trip – to see him.

Stefan Ward

NEUROSURGERY CONSULTATION: Stefan found tasks as simple as closing his eyes and touching his nose with his left hand impossible.

Bob Cory

ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY: The pain became relentless, robbing Bob of his ability to enjoy life. Hiking became agony, climbing stairs difficult.

Muriel Douglass

PHYSICAL THERAPY: Vertigo forced Muriel to crawl to the bathroom, sick but too dizzy to stand. “I feel like I’ve been thrust into space.”

Debi Hofferber

EMERGENCY CAR: They arrived at the hospital around midnight. Appendicitis was soon confirmed with a CT scan.