Provider Stories

Meghan Young, DO

Meghan Young was just a kid herself when she knew she wanted to become a doctor, one that cared for children the way her own pediatrician did.

Teresa Beckett, PA-C, ARNP

Teresa Beckett “always knew” she wanted to be a nurse, a dream cemented the summer she helped her aunt care for a grandmother.

Tom Penoyar, MD

He loves tools, working with his hands and problem solving. He was headed toward a career in mechanical engineering.

Jim Repsher, PA-C

His father was a pulmonologist; his mother a nurse. But growing up in a small town in Colorado, Jim Repsher, a certificated physician assistant at KVH Orthopedics, never planned a career in healthcare.

Ada Cheung, MD

She’s raced dirt bikes, motorcycles and cars, works on her motorcycles and likes tools and fixing things – especially people.

Dena Mahre, PA-C

At 50, Dena Mahre, an orthopedic physician assistant at KVH Orthopedics, is living a life she loves – and intent on helping others do the same.

Thomas Mirich, MD

He’s an accomplished orthopedic surgeon with decades of experience in changing lives for the better.