Provider Stories

Bruce Herman, MD

Raised in Missouri, he’s a Stanford grad who went on to medical school at Washington University in St. Louis.

Anita Schiltz, ARNP

She rode with a broken hand, battling bronchitis, brutal head winds, pouring rain and temperatures that sometimes topped 100 degrees.

David Jackson, MD

After 23 years of practicing internal medicine in the Shoreline area north of Seattle, Dr. David Jackson, the clinic’s managing partner, found himself yearning for new adventure and a fresh start.

Tom Penoyar, MD

He loves tools, working with his hands and problem solving. He was headed toward a career in mechanical engineering.

Reese Hosey, PA-C

It was a moment so profound it reduced Reese Hosey to tears. Etched in her memory is the recollection of a patient she will never forget.

Ada Cheung, MD

She’s raced dirt bikes, motorcycles and cars, works on her motorcycles and likes tools and fixing things – especially people.

Dena Mahre, PA-C

At 50, Dena Mahre, an orthopedic physician assistant at KVH Orthopedics, is living a life she loves – and intent on helping others do the same.

Thomas Mirich, MD

He’s an accomplished orthopedic surgeon with decades of experience in changing lives for the better.