Patient Safety & Security

Patient Safety

KVH Hospital strives to ensure the safety and security of all patients, visitors, and employees. We include community members on our Patient Safety Committee to help address the issues that are important to you.   

Safety Drills
Regular safety drills are conducted to help staff members practice responding to emergencies. These drills ensure that our staff is well-educated on safety issues, fire safety, disaster preparedness, and crime prevention. Your nurse will let you know if the alarms or voice pages indicate an actual emergency.

No Smoking Policy
Smoking is prohibited inside hospital buildings and all other areas of the campus except in designated smoking areas. 

Lost and Found
If you lose something, please notify your nurse immediately and we will make every effort to help find it. To inquire about lost articles, please call our Administrative office at 509.962.7302.   

Personal Items
KVH Hospital cannot be responsible for money, jewelry, computers, and other valuables that are kept in your possession. We strongly urge you to keep your personal belongings secure by doing the following: 

  • Keep no more than $10 in your room.
  • Place any valuables in the hospital safe.
  • Check your room before you leave the hospital.
  • If you are missing something, report the loss to your nurse immediately.

Precautions for New Parents 
While heightened security is provided in the Birthing Center, please take time to get to know staff members who are caring for you and your baby, and be certain of the identity of anyone who asks to take your baby from you. All hospital staff wear name tags with the KVH logo clearly visible. 

Patient Comments and Concerns 
The staff and employees of KVH Hospital are committed to treating our patients with expertise, fairness, and concern. We encourage you to share your experiences, negative and positive, with us by completing a Care and Service Report (available at our front desk) or by contacting our Quality Management Department at 509.933.8719.