Insurance vs. Self Pay


If you are covered by health insurance, please remember that this is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. KVH will bill your insurance company. If your insurance company does not respond within 45 days of service, the account will become your responsibility. All co-insurance, deductibles, and denied claims are due within 30 days.

To make sure your insurance is billed properly, please bring your insurance cards with you at the time of your visit.

Some insurance carriers require pre-authorization or referral forms prior to a procedure. It is your responsibility to know whether or not you need to obtain pre-authorization or referral for the procedure.

KVH will also bill government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Labor and Industries Insurance.

Self Pay

If you do not have medical insurance, you may be eligible for funding through one of several agencies. Each agency has special criteria on which funding is granted.

If you do not qualify for agency aid, our Financial Assistance Program may be able to help. Before any additional help is available, however, you must have exhausted all other means of payment.

For information on Medicaid or private plans available through