KVH Childbirth & Family Education offers free webinar series

Julie Harwell, RN, BSN is hosting a free webinar series through our Childbirth & Family Education Program at Kittitas Valley Healthcare. The most recent webinar titled “Creating Meaningful Learning Communities: How Covid has helped us to Reimagine Possibilities in Education” details how one local school adapted to the COVID-19 restrictions and found opportunities for resilience […]

Helping Your Young Child Transition to School in the Pandemic

Contributor: Dr. Elise Herman, KVH Pediatrics The start of school this year may be a bigger transition than usual for young students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For many young kids, education last year was largely done remotely, and for some this school year may be their first time doing in-person learning. That ‘in-person learning’ […]

Beat the heat: Diabetic safety

Wear sunscreen. Stay hydrated. Wear light, loose clothing. Anyone who’s lived in Kittitas County for more than a year knows these basics for survival in the summer heat. If you’re diabetic, there’s another concern to add to the list: extreme temperatures can spike your blood sugar levels, and wreak havoc on testing equipment and medication. […]

COVID Vaccines & Children

Contributor: Dr. Elise Herman, KVH Pediatrics A year ago, deep into the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed unimaginable that we would have a safe and extremely effective vaccine against the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 infection any time soon. Yet here we are, with about half of all adults in the US fully vaccinated so far. The […]

Tick bites in children

Contributor: Dr. Elise Herman, MD, KVH Pediatrics Ahhh, summer! As that much anticipated warmer weather comes, it brings with it the risk of tick bites and the diseases they can cause. Knowing how to prevent tick bites, what to watch for if your child is bitten and how to remove ticks can make us feel […]

KVH commissioners Terry Clark and Jon Ward earn Health Care Governance Certification

The certificate represents awardee’s commitment to effective health care leadership. Ellensburg, WA – March 15, 2021 – Commissioners Terry Clark and Jon Ward of Kittitas Valley Healthcare (KVH) have spent the last year strengthening their understanding of hospital governance and ability to enhance board effectiveness through participation in the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) and […]

Sibling Rivalry

Contributor: Elise Herman, MD, KVH Pediatrics If we have more than one child, we hope they will get along and be good friends, and more than likely that will happen one day. But before that time and almost as soon as the second child arrives, sibling conflict and rivalry can start. Especially now with so […]

The COVID Pandemic and Its Effects on Young Children

Contributor: Elise Herman, MD, KVH Pediatrics As the COVID pandemic drags on, it can feel increasingly difficult to stay positive, and parents of young children may be noticing the effects on their child’s moods. Even preschoolers may be feeling the loss of their usual routine. They may be missing their social contacts at preschool or […]

Mitch Engel (COVID-19)

It’s the kind of story that defines 2020. For months, Mitch Engel and his family of four had diligently taken precautions to stay healthy, stay safe. And yet, October found them dealing with COVID-19 in their own home. His wife Emily got sick first. A flight attendant, she likely caught it on the airplane. “The […]