Mission & Vision

MISSION We are a community-focused health system providing outstanding, personalized care to improve the lives of individuals and families.

VISION All patients, providers, and employees are proud to recommend Kittitas Valley Healthcare as a trusted source for personal health and community well-being

Core Values


We recognize the dignity of patients and staff, and treat them with compassion.


We provide excellent, safe care for members of our community in a healing environment.


We promote a culture where patients come first in all we do.


We are principled, accountable, and do the right thing with openness and honesty.


We work as a team, in partnership with the broader medical community, to ensure patients receive the best care.



  • Recognize the dignity of every individual and help them reach their highest potential for health during all stages of life
  • Patients have timely access to needed services
  • KVH is intentional in providing needed services in our community
  • Anticipate resources needed to serve our community

Financial Sustainability

  • Maintain a positive operating margin and strong cash reserves
  • Adapt and respond to grow our market share
  • Remain sensitive to the patient financial experience

Partnerships & Collaboration

  • Staff and workforce partners embody KVH culture, strategy, and values
  • Staff take an active role in growth and development at KVH
  • Support the work of our partners
  • Anticipate our workforce needs to support the necessary services in our community

Customer Experience

  • Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workforce and care delivery systems
  • Provide excellent, personalized care
  • Encourage communication and teamwork to improve the customer experience
  • Promote health and well-being

planning for the health of a growing
and diverse community