Employee Stories

The making of two M.A.s

“I’d been working at Starbucks for 8 years and 3 months, and it was about 8 years and 3 months too long.” No disrespect intended to the international coffee giant. […]

Sal Camargo

He hails from a small town in rural Mexico, a place where opportunities are few and dreams limited.

Devan and John Bartlett

For John and Devan Bartlett, the road to love – and to jobs with Kittitas Valley Healthcare – was paved in part by a speed bump caused by an errant dump truck driver.

John & Anne Merrill-Steskal

When John and Anne Merrill-Steskal went looking for a place to call home, who could have guessed the answer lay at the end of a rainbow?

Brooks Murrell

One minute, Brooks Murrell, a registration clerk at KVH Hospital’s front desk, is taking information from a patient. Then, Murrell flashes a smile. The patient often smiles back.

Kara Henderson

Kara Henderson was born and raised in Ellensburg but when she graduated from Ellensburg High in 2001, she was sure of two things: She wanted to get out of Ellensburg – and she wanted to become a nurse. She was right about one of them.

Rhonda Holden

When she moved with her family to Roslyn in 1995, Rhonda Holden never counted on falling in love.