Patient Stories

Audrey Natavio (OB)

Like many young couples, Audrey Natavio and Colin Nebeck were career-focused. They met on the job as phlebotomists at Seattle’s Polyclinic, then relocated together to Ellensburg and to new roles in the lab at KVH Hospital. Starting a family was nowhere on their radar.

Josh Kirk

Hernia Repair: With a busy practice, young family, and active lifestyle, this dentist needed help to stay on his feet.

Dan Timmons

Emergency Care: When Dan came-to, he was on the floor. There was no pain. He had no idea that he’d end the day in open heart surgery.

Carmen Dupuis

Wound Care: It was such a busy time. A mysterious leg wound was the last thing Carmen needed.

Julie Petersen

Wellness exams: KVH CEO Julie Petersen shares her recent patient experiences in “Confessions of a Reluctant Patient.”

Liahna Armstrong

Orthopedic Surgery: An attempt to play peacemaker between Liahna’s dog and a cat left her with a deep cat bite and dangerous infection.

Wendy Hinckle

Digital Mammography: After her first digital mammogram, “I got a call from KVH that something was spotted and they needed an ultrasound.”

Stephanie Brown

ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY: When Stephanie’s knee pain threatened to disrupt her step and her lifestyle, she knew she had to do something.

Alaric Hathaway

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: “I knew there was no way I could drive by. It would have haunted me if I could have helped and didn’t.”

Bryce Hutton

ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY: When terrible hip pain meant his young daughter had to help her dad pull on his socks, Bryce finally sought help.