Patient Stories

Emily Wurl (Orthopedics)

Ever since she can remember, Emily Wurl has been active in sports. “I enjoy getting out there on the field where nothing else matters,” she grins. “I also like the relationships you make. It’s a lot of fun.”

Joe Davis (ER)

Meet Joe Davis, EHS Class of 2019. ASB President. Football, basketball, and track. An adventurous spirit, ready and willing to take on life’s challenges with the vigor of a healthy 18 year old.

Josh Kirk

Hernia Repair: With a busy practice, young family, and active lifestyle, this dentist needed help to stay on his feet.

Carmen Dupuis

Wound Care: It was such a busy time. A mysterious leg wound was the last thing Carmen needed.

Julie Petersen

Wellness exams: KVH CEO Julie Petersen shares her recent patient experiences in “Confessions of a Reluctant Patient.”

Liahna Armstrong

Orthopedic Surgery: An attempt to play peacemaker between Liahna’s dog and a cat left her with a deep cat bite and dangerous infection.

Wendy Hinckle

Digital Mammography: After her first digital mammogram, “I got a call from KVH that something was spotted and they needed an ultrasound.”

Stephanie Brown

ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY: When Stephanie’s knee pain threatened to disrupt her step and her lifestyle, she knew she had to do something.

Alaric Hathaway

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE: “I knew there was no way I could drive by. It would have haunted me if I could have helped and didn’t.”

Bryce Hutton

ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY: When terrible hip pain meant his young daughter had to help her dad pull on his socks, Bryce finally sought help.