Steve Talerico

Steve Talerico

Steve Talerico keeps secrets well. Chief among them: his recipe for lasagna and how he turns out melt-in-your-mouth torcetti that wins constant raves. “There are secrets I will never tell. I’ll take them to the grave,” Talerico vows. His voice solemn, the twinkle in his eyes is the only hint that while you’re not going to get his recipes any time soon, he’s pleased you asked.

Not so secret is Talerico’s role as bellman and concierge at Suncadia. A familiar fixture at the Resort, he knows the importance of delivering exceptional service.

After a long day’s work last May, Steve cut his right thumb on a broken glass while doing dishes at home. He knew he needed medical attention. “I did the right things – put pressure and ice on it – but after 45 minutes it hadn’t stopped bleeding,” he says. “I probably could have gotten it to stop and wrapped it. But being that I do the work I do I didn’t want to risk having it break open while I was working.”

It was after hours at KVH Family Practice – Cle Elum. Fortunately, KVH Urgent Care – Cle Elum was there to help. Six stitches and a long sigh of relief later, Talerico was headed back to his home in Roslyn, next door to the house where his mother was born and raised. Thanks to the quick care he received, he felt ready for his next day’s work.

For those who live, work and play in the Upper County, says Talerico, KVH Urgent Care – Cle Elum is “more than just a convenience. It’s a comfort.”