2020 Board Meetings

KVH Board meetings are currently being held via Zoom. You can find the meeting ID on the Board Agenda for that month. Meeting recordings will be posted on YouTube
Meetings generally begin at 5 p.m

January 9 (Dec 2019)AgendaMinutesVideo
January 23AgendaMinutesVideo
February 27AgendaMinutesVideo
March 20 (special)AgendaMinutes
March 26AgendaMinutesVideo
April 14 (special)
See agenda for virtual link
April 23AgendaMinutesVideo
May 28AgendaMinutesVideo
June 25AgendaMinutesVideo
July 23 (virtual only)AgendaMinutesVideo
August 27 (virtual only)AgendaMinutesVideo
September 17 (work session)AgendaMinutes
September 24AgendaMinutesVideo
October 15 (virtual work session)AgendaMinutes
October 22AgendaMinutesVideo
November 12 (virtual work session)AgendaMinutes
November meeting is held on 12/03
(Special meeting, Holiday schedule)
December meeting is held on 01/07/21
(Special meeting, Holiday schedule)