Racism is a Healthcare Crisis

June 10, 2020

Kittitas Valley Healthcare joins other hospitals and healthcare systems across America in condemning racism, bigotry, discrimination, and violence. We have witnessed senseless acts of violence against people of color and we know that it must stop.

We are a place of healing and, as such, we have a special role to play in ensuring equality for all our neighbors. We must address racial, ethnic, and cultural disparities, including disparities in healthcare. Data is clear that there is implicit bias within the healthcare delivery system. People of color suffer more from preexisting conditions, and they have worse healthcare outcomes overall.

We the KVH Governing Board and Administration have a duty as an employer, community leader, and healthcare provider to do better.

  • As an employer, we will have the courage to listen to our employees and to recruit professionals with a diversity of perspectives.
  • As a community leader, we will listen to the experiences of the people we serve and collaborate with others who are on this same journey to do better.
  • As your healthcare provider, we will dedicate ourselves to closing the gaps in access and health outcomes so that we can all do better.

It is imperative that we work together to build and sustain an increasingly diverse community that values and cares for all of our co-workers, neighbors, and patients.


Board of Commissioners
– Bob Davis, President
– Erica Libenow, Vice President
– Matt Altman, Secretary
– Terry Clark, Commissioner
– Jon Ward, Commissioner
Julie Petersen, CEO
Kevin Martin, MD, Chief Medical Officer