Elise J. Herman, MD

retired Pediatrician, community health advocate and contributing blogger

Dr. Herman is passionate about community health outreach, school programs, and child/family health and wellness. Her posts reflect pediatric topics like childhood development, family dynamics, and nutrition. She has more than 31 years of experience as a pediatrician in Ellensburg, Washington, the last 3 with KVH Pediatrics. In 2022 Dr. Herman retired from practice and continues to contribute blog posts and remain a visible advocate for kids in the community.

Dr. Elise J. Herman attending medical school at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and completed her residency at Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver Colorado.

Elise Herman, MD, joined other pediatric health care leaders for a panel discussion on “Insights from pediatric health care leaders on COVID-19 vaccines for children” hosted by the American Hospital Association  (AHA), American Academy of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital Association.

Philosophy of Practice

I feel fortunate to partner with parents as they raise their children! I am passionate about the building blocks of good health – good nutrition, lots of exercise, adequate sleep, etc. Pediatrics is a fascinating field because we are lucky to be able to watch kids grow up!

Blog Posts by Dr. Elise J. Herman

Nature & Children

So what does outside nature time look like? It could be exploring the backyard or park, hiking, gardening, riding bikes, or just sitting under a tree daydreaming. Unstructured time, without a specific plan, encourages a child to get creative and be independent.

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Reach Out and Read

The pandemic has affected so many things for our children, including their education. Despite incredible efforts by devoted teachers and school staff, progress in reading has suffered significantly, with many more students at risk of not learning to read than prior to the pandemic. Kids who do not learn to read in elementary school are…

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Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits for Your Child

Contributor: Dr. Elise Herman As parents, we want our children to eat well. Yet all we can do is set the stage for healthy eating; it is up to the child in terms of how much and exactly what they eat from the food offered. Here are some guidelines that help kids develop healthy eating habits;…

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COVID-19 and Children- Infection and Vaccines

Contributor: Dr. Elise Herman

Parents know too well what “pandemic fatigue” is. They are tired of it all- the masking, the distancing, the quarantining, the disruption of life, and the loss of a “normal childhood” for their kids. But this is a critical time in the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Covid-19: Pediatric Insights

Earlier this week Dr. Elise Herman, KVH Pediatrics, joined other pediatric health care leaders for a panel discussion hosted by the American Hospital Association (AHA), American Academy of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital Association.

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