Radiography (X-ray)

Radiography (X-Ray) is a form of electromagnetic pulse radiation. To take an X-ray of the human body, short X-ray pulses are sent through the body to a radiographic film cassette. Different body components absorb X-radiation at different densities. The X-radiation that passes through the body turns the X-ray film from white to multiple shades of gray forming a picture.

KVH Hospital partners with Medical Diagnostic Imaging Group and they utilize OnRad for teleradiology services. This convenient service provides off-hour emergent radiology interpretations allowing KVH to treat patients around the clock.

How to prepare

No preparation is necessary for a routine X-ray.

What to expect

Before your X-ray, you may be asked to change into an examination gown and to remove any metal from your body including eyeglasses, jewelry, watch, etc. Next, you will be taken into the X-ray suite and positioned on an examination table.

Once you are in position, the technologist will take the image. The technologist will put a new film in the machine and you may be asked to change position to allow imaging from different viewpoints.