Digital Mammography

KVH Imaging offers digital mammography. Paired with computer aided detection, 3D digital mammography is the most advanced mammography technology. 

From a patient’s perspective, a 3D mammogram is the same as any other type of mammogram.  However, a 3D mammogram takes many more images of the breast tissue and recreates a digital 3D picture of the breast for the radiologist to examine. 

The newest 3D technology has been shown to detect cancers better and earlier than traditional film mammography and 2D digital mammography. In addition, women who have a 3D mammogram are less likely to have a false positive. A false positive occurs when a mammogram looks abnormal even though no cancer is present.  Most false positives result in additional follow-up mammograms.

What to expect

The mammography experience at KVH is designed for patient comfort. The mammography unit uses all rounded corners to eliminate all of the sharp edges found on older models. Patients wear plush robes in the relaxing, spa-like environment of the mammography suite.

During a mammogram, a woman’s breasts are compressed with a special machine. The breast is placed on a square plate and a compression paddle is gradually lowered over the breast. Digital images of each breast are taken.

A screening mammography appointment takes about 20-30 minutes and can be done without a physician referral. Diagnostic mammography takes about 45-60 minutes. The breast is compressed for only a very short portion of that appointment.

Staff members are highly trained, female technologists who are certified by the National American Registry of Radiology Technologists (ARRT) both in Radiology and Mammography.  Exam results are interpreted by a radiologist.

How to prepare

Please do not use deodorant or body powder. Some deodorants and body powder contain aluminum by-products that will appear as white dots on digital images. These white dots can mimic calcium structures which can be mistaken for cancer. If a patient needs special assistance with standing or is in a wheelchair, please notify us in advance.