Digital Fluoroscopy

Digital Fluoroscopy is a form of X-ray that allows us to view deep structures of the body in real-time. It provides very detailed images of function and the structure of areas like the intestines, bladder, cardiac muscle, and stomach.

Unlike a regular X-ray which records the image to film, digital fluoroscopy records a series of images to a computer. Once digitized, we can view the area being examined while it is moving and functioning on a computer monitor.

How to prepare

Barium studies like Barium Enema, upper GI, and Barium swallows require preparation and fasting. When your test is scheduled, you will be given detailed instructions on how to prepare for your specific test.

What to expect

Digital fluoroscopy tests often include oral or intravenous contrasts to be given prior to testing. You will be positioned on a large flat table; this table can move and be tilted at different angles during your exam. A moveable X-ray camera extends over a portion of the table, captures images and sends these images to a nearby television monitor for viewing by the radiologist performing your exam.