Preparation for Surgery

Preparation for Surgery

KVH Pre-Operative Services recently relocated to a remodeled suite just outside the entrance to Surgical Services. This new space provides enhanced privacy for our patients as they meet with a nurse to review their medical history and discuss preparations for their scheduled procedure.

We want to do everything possible to ensure that your surgical experience is a positive one. You will be contacted prior to your surgery to schedule an in-person visit or to speak with us by phone as we review your medical history and answer any questions you may have.

Please plan to spend several minutes providing us with this information when we call. If you are not contacted within two days before your surgery, please call us at 509.933.8636.

Surgery is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety and stress. While these are normal reactions, it may be helpful if you talk freely with your surgeon and anesthesiologist about your concerns. They will answer your questions and discuss with you the best surgical anesthesia for your needs. 

Family or Friend as Companion
If you are scheduled as an outpatient, or same-day surgery, you should have an adult companion come with you. This person will be responsible to drive you home after your procedure and assist you with follow-up care. Nursing staff will give you and your adult companion instructions on caregiving after surgery, what changes to expect, and what changes in your condition need to be reported quickly.

Arrival Time
Arrive at KVH Hospital at least 1 hour before your scheduled procedure. We will complete your registration, have you change clothing if necessary, perform any pre-operative orders which might be required by your physician, and answer any questions you might have. Please be on time. A delay in starting your case could affect many other patients that day.

After Surgery
Following your surgery, you will be brought to the recovery room, where the nurses will provide the special care required by patients who have received anesthesia.

The nurse anesthetist will give a complete report on your surgery and your condition to the recovery room nurse, and specially trained nurses will closely monitor your condition. Because of the anesthesia, you may not remember all that happens while you are in recovery. 

How long you stay in the recovery room will be determined by your individual needs. We’ll make sure that those who are concerned about you are kept informed of your progress.

Instructions to Follow Before Surgery

  1. Do not eat or drink anything, including water, after midnight before the day of your surgery. This includes gum or hard candy.
  2. Take all prescribed blood pressure and heart medicine, antacids, steroids and anticonvulsant medications the morning of surgery, with just a sip of water.
  3. Do not wear eye makeup. It is best if you wear no makeup at all.
  4. When you arrive at KVH Hospital on the day of surgery, please report directly to the reception desk.
  5. Leave personal belongings, such as money, credit cards and jewelry, at home. Leave contact lenses at home, if possible.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. We suggest that you were clothes that can be fastened around you, rather than slipped over your head.
  7. You must have a responsible adult to drive you home. We will not allow you to drive yourself or take a cab.
  8. Take insulin as prescribed by your primary physician. Make sure your primary physician knows you’re having surgery.
  9. Do not take any aspirin, Advil, Alleve or NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) during the 10 days leading to your surgery.
  10. A nurse from KVH Hospital will contact you several days before your surgery.
  11. After your surgery, you will be brought to the recovery room and you will receive written discharge instructions.