KVH Geriatric Nurse Practitioners

The Geriatric Nurse Practitioner (GNP) program provides medical assessments and management of acute or chronic illnesses in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, and for home-bound patients in Kittitas County. The GNP program works in collaboration with the patient’s primary care provider. 

The role of the GNP includes ongoing alliance and communication with physicians, family, staff, and community agencies for special care needs and continuity of care. 

Geriatric Nurse Practitioners

  • Complete admission assessments to nursing facilities as needed.
  • Manage day-to-day acute or chronic conditions.
  • Order appropriate diagnostic work-ups.
  • Communicate with the patient’s family or facility staff.
  • Collaborate with primary care physicians and specialty services to develop plan of care.
  • Provide patient education.
  • Manage medications – including acute and chronic pain.
  • Provide end of life counseling, assistance in finding appropriate resources in the community to address needs related to aging and physical disabilities.


Billing Questions 509.933.8787
GNP Questions 509.933.8777


8:30 AM – 5 PM
Monday – Friday

Billing information

The GNP program operates through KVH Family Medicine Ellensburg. KVH Family Medicine Ellensburg will bill any insurance that you have provided to the program. The statement you receive with your balance will have KVH Family Medicine Ellensburg’s facility name on it. Please call 509.933.8787 with any billing questions. 


How can I request this service? 

The GNP service is available to residents living in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and your primary care provider. If you have not been referred to this service but would like to be, please call us at 509-925-8483. 

How often will I be seen by a GNP?

Frequency of visits are determined by clinical needs.

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