Running Seminar Scheduled for May 13 at KVH Physical Therapy


Two local experts will provide an hour-long session of running advice during a free community seminar on May 13.  The session will feature Robert Pritchett, PhD, and Eric Foch, PhD.

Pritchett and Foch will discuss the benefits of strength training for runners and ways to improve form during running to prevent common overuse injuries.  They will also conduct a gait analysis during the event.  During the gait analysis, a runner’s form will be analyzed as she runs on a treadmill.  The analysis will identify several parameters that are associated with overuse knee injury such as hip and pelvis alignment. 

“By focusing on running form and strength training, runners can minimize their risk of injury,” according to Ken Kladnik, Physical Therapy Director for Kittitas Valley Healthcare.  “If injury does occur, it is important for runners to understand the symptoms of the most common conditions.”

When discussing strength training, the presenters will focus on how the use of strength training can minimize the risk of injury for runners.  They will demonstrate several strength training exercises that can be useful to runners of all skill levels.  While describing overuse injuries, the presenters will cover several common conditions like runner’s knee and iliotibial band (IT band) pain.

The hour-long seminar will be held at KVH Physical Therapy in Ellensburg (301 E Mountain View Ave.) on Wednesday, May 13, beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Please call (509) 962-7414 for more information.