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Following a series of annual financial losses at KVH Urgent Care – Cle Elum, Kittitas Valley Healthcare launched an intensive study of operations at the facility.  On June 17, the results were presented to the Board of Commissioners for Kittitas County Public Hospital District No. 2.  

The study reviewed patterns of care at the facility, including the days of the week and times of day that visits most frequently occurred.  

“We know that after-hours healthcare is a valued and important service for Upper County residents and visitors,” said Paul Nurick, KVH CEO.  “This in depth analysis has allowed us to look at how the urgent care services that are available are being accessed.”

Use of the facility is lowest mid-week, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday being the least busy days.  Late evening hours have the lowest use, with only ten percent of all visits occurring after 8 p.m.

As expected, summer months showed the highest use, with an average of 225 visits per month between May and September.  The remaining months average only 178 visits per month.

Increasing the number of the patients seen at KVH Urgent Care – Cle Elum would reduce financial losses.  “We have the capacity to see many more patients.  During the busiest month [July], the facility only sees an average of 8 patients per day.  It’s difficult to cover the fixed costs of operation with such low patient volumes,” said Libby Allgood, Superintendent of Kittitas County Public Hospital District No. 2.

The majority of the fixed costs for KVH Urgent Care – Cle Elum are for professional staffing, including a physician assistant and nurse who are on site at all times the facility is open.  With the current average of less than one patient per hour, these costs cannot be covered.

Kittitas County Public Hospital District No. 2 taxpayer dollars will support losses for KVH Urgent Care – Cle Elum up to $163,200 in 2013.  Additional losses will be carried by KVH.  Total losses in 2012 reached $210,000.  

KVH will maintain the service at its current level, though it will carefully watch the volume of patients and financial performance of the facility.  If financial losses continue at levels similar to 2012, the decision to maintain services at the current level will be revisited.

KVH Urgent Care – Cle Elum is open from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays, and from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends and holidays.