KVH Patient Stories

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Emergency Care | February 2019
When Dan came-to, he was on the floor. There was no pain. He had no idea that he'd end the day in open heart surgery.  Continue reading
Wound Care | February 2019
It was such a busy time. A mysterious leg wound was the last thing Carmen needed.  Continue reading
Wellness exams | January 2019
KVH CEO Julie Petersen shares her recent patient experiences in "Confessions of a Reluctant Patient." Continue reading
Pharmacy | December 2018
Jessica needed to quickly find a new pharmacy when hers closed. "A twenty-four-seven pharmacy. You can’t beat that!" Continue reading
Orthopedic Surgery | December 2018
An attempt to play peacemaker between Liahna's dog and a cat left her with a deep cat bite and dangerous infection.
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Digital Mammography | October 2018
After her first digital mammogram, “I got a call from KVH that something was spotted and they needed an ultrasound.”
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