Bud & Carole Obermeyer


They were New York City born and raised; he in Brooklyn, she in Manhattan.

And when they met while working at the same company on Wall Street, Bud and Carole Obermeyer didn't like each other - with good reason.

She was a dyed-in-blue-pinstripes Yankee devotee; he, a Dodgers fan still grieving the team's departure to Los Angeles. Some things are simply unforgivable.

It was fall, 1962. The Yankees were headed for the World Series. Carole and a friend of hers were sure they would win, Bud and a pal of his equally confident they wouldn't. A bet ensued. At stake? Dinner. There was a caveat: Whatever happened, Carole told her friend, she didn't want to be Bud's date. Bud told his friend the same thing about her.

Cupid ignored both of them.

Carole ended up paired with Bud "and it was the best thing that ever happened," she says. The next week he took her to a Broadway play. By the end of the evening they knew they would marry. That December, he proposed.

Fast forward to 2013. The Obermeyers, married 48 years, are now retired. Eight years ago they moved to Cle Elum from the west side. When Bud began experiencing severe headaches he turned to Dr. Elizabeth Wise at KVH Family Medicine - Cle Elum whose expertise and thoroughness quickly impressed him.

Wise ordered a CT scan. It didn't explain the headaches; it did show several small aneurysms. Wise referred Bud to specialists on the west side. When an annual exam showed elevated blood pressure, she sent him for an ultrasound that showed a 95 percent blockage in his left renal artery. He had surgery to implant a stent. Later, when his blood pressure rose again, an ultrasound ordered by Wise showed part of the same artery had collapsed. Bud had a procedure to open it.

Three and a half years ago, another annual exam showed that Bud's PSA levels were up (an indicator of possible prostate cancer). Calling it "an abundance of caution," Wise referred Bud to a Wenatchee urologist for a needle biopsy.  Diagnosed with prostate cancer, he had surgery in 2009. "That 'catch' by Elizabeth was potentially a lifesaver," he says.

But if Bud was an early convert to Wise and Family Medicine - Cle Elum, Carole wasn't. For a time, unsure if she wanted a female doctor and unfamiliar with the clinic, she continued seeing a west side physician."But after what Bud had been through, I thought, 'There's something to this Dr. Wise-person,'" she says. After my first visit, I was hooked. She listened. As much as I love Dr. Wise, I love that clinic. We've lived all over the country and this is the place where I feel entirely comfortable and confident."

Carole now recommends Wise and KVH Family Medicine - Cle Elum to her west side friends - with good reason, Bud adds. "Everybody at that clinic takes whatever time is needed to do things right," he says. And then, there's Wise herself. "Finding a doctor who went to Harvard Medical School in Cle Elum?" Bud says incredulously. "Thank you, God!"