From the CEO: New KVH electronic health record system


Every person served by a provider at KVH has a medical record - it tells the story of your health, including ailments for which you have been treated, treatments you have received and other pertinent facts about your health. These used to be written on paper and filed in massive storage areas. Then we started keeping these records electronically. But even then our systems couldn’t “talk” to each other, so records for someone treated in the clinic were not readily accessible to providers in the hospital. That hindered our ability to make sure patients received the best care in the most appropriate setting.

At 6 a.m. on Monday, February 12, all that will change when we throw the switch on a new era in electronic health records. That's when KVH will transition all of our hospital and clinic services to a single electronic health record called OneSource, provided by Cerner, one of the largest electronic health record companies in the country.

Transitioning from our many current programs to a single system has been a huge undertaking. We took months and thousands of hours to vet and select the system that best fits our needs. Many more months were spent building, training, testing and organizing for the change.

In the long run, this new system will help ensure patients receive the best care possible. But, in the short run, despite all of the preparation, we know the early days may be tough. To help make the transition as smooth as possible, Cerner experts will be at every location and we will provide increased staffing throughout the system.

I’m sure some patients may be frustrated as we go through this transition, and I’m sure there will be some slowdowns and hair pulling by the KVH team. But I am also confident that having OneSource for all of your health information will improve patient care and enable all of us in the KVH family to do a better job of telling the story of your health.

Every member of the staff, all of our providers and our Information Technology team have worked extremely hard preparing for the February 12 launch. Now the day has arrived, and we ask for your patience and understanding as we move into this new world.