Dads dish on health

6/12/2017  By Thirty Percenters

June 12, 2017 

It's Men's Health Week, so we asked some of our "KVH dads" to share their struggles and secrets of success when it comes to making their health a priority. We spoke with moms last month. Thumbnail photo: KVH dad Brian with his mom and two sons.

The Dads

Brian, 37
(kids ages 5 & 6 yrs)
  Brooks, 31
(daughter, 18 mo)
  Cory, 29
(kids ages 10 mo, 2 & 8 yrs)
Micah, 33
(son, 5 yrs)
  Mitch, 32
(kids ages 5 wks & 4 yrs)

Their Voices

I have the time and resources I need to care for my physical health.

Brian: Ha, yes, I usually just wait until my wife jumps in the shower and leave for a very long run. She really enjoys that, as do the kids.

Brooks: Most of the time, yes.

Cory: I laugh at you! I mean, if you count chasing them around cleaning up after them, then yes.

Micah: Most of the time, yes.

Mitch: Most of the time, yes.

I have plans to dedicate more time to improving my health. Soon.

Brian: I try and plan healthy meals, such as grilling salmon and making the kids eat it or threaten to take away Christmas. It usually works, or I just end up eating more salmon.

Brooks: Ideally, yes, but I always have other things come up.

Cory: Ideally, yes, but life kind of gets in the way at times, and with my two youngest being so young the weather plays a big factor in whether or not I get to take them out on walks with me.

Micah: Heck, yeah! I can’t put this off!

Mitch: Ideally, yes, but…

An ideal Father's Day for me would be:

Brian: A nice relaxing morning, where I can drink coffee in peace.

Brooks: Relaxing on the beach with my family, watching my little girl giggle and play in the sand and sea.

Cory: I would love to spend the weekend up in the hills camping with my family, or hiking, but it's usually just being at home with my kids if they are with me.

Micah: Spending time with my family, which is exactly what I'm going to do!

Mitch: Time with my wife and kids (now plural!!); ideally, a weekend camping or fishing trip.

My best advice to dads struggling to prioritize their health is...

Brian: Remember, you could always have more kids.

Brooks: The best time to worry about your health was yesterday, the second best time is now.

Cory: Try and find things that you can do with your kids. My kids love being outside and going on walks, well, actually it's me pushing them in their stroller or play car.

Micah: Keep on it. Make it fun, and try to get your kids out there with you. It's important to find time for yourself, though, too!

Mitch: Set goals and hold yourself to them. Keep them realistic but push yourself. Hard work pays off and time passes quickly. If you keep motivated and committed, you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve. 

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