Zesty Chicken n' Veggie Skewers

7/24/2018  By HealthNews

Summers are for BBQs, spending the days by the water, and nights with family and friends. There is nothing better than putting together some protein and veggies and throwing them on the grill! Give these a try one of these summer nights.

Zesty Chicken n’ Veggie Skewers

• 1-2 lb chicken
• 2 zucchini squash
• 1 yellow pepper
• 1 large walla walla or yellow onion
• 3 cloves garlic, chopped
• ¼ cup olive or avocado oil
• ¼ white vinegar
• 1 tsp garlic powder
• 2 tsp of lemon juice
• ½ tsp salt and pepper (to taste)
• 2 tsp parsley
• 2 tsp dijon mustard
• 2 tsp of greek seasoning or a medley seasoning



 In a small bowl, mix together your seasonings, garlic, vinegar, oil and mustard until well combined. Take your chicken and chop it into bit-sized pieces for your skewers. Place your chicken into a large Ziploc bag and dump in your marinade. Seal the bag tight and mix the chicken around well until the pieces are coated with your marinade. Chop your pepper, zucchini and onion and mix into the bag as well until coated. Grab your skewers (Either metal or wooden. If you are using wood skewers, make sure you have soaked them for 10 minutes before placing on the grill). Alternate between your chicken and your veggies on the skewer. Turning your grill to medium heat, place on the grill and flip about 5 minutes each side or until you have grill marks. Be sure your chicken is fully cooked before serving! Plate them with a fresh salad or a big bowl of fruit and enjoy!