Basil Pesto and Goat Cheese Turkey Burgers

6/27/2018  By HealthNews

Looking for a way to add bright flavors to your next dinner? These turkey burgers are guaranteed to be a hit with the intense flavors of fresh basil, sweet pesto and the tart goat cheese. Serve these up with some grilled sweet potato fries and a side salad and you have a taste of Italy in your own home. Enjoy!

Basil Pesto Goat Cheese Turkey Burgers

•1 lb ground turkey
•½ block of herbed goat cheese
•2 tbs pesto
•½ cup fresh basil, chopped
•2 cloves of garlic, chopped
•½ small red onion, chopped and caramelized
•Salt and pepper to taste
•2 tsp onion/garlic seasoning
•¼ cup sundried tomatoes, chopped (optional)

Sweet Potatoes
•1 large sweet potato, cut lengthwise in ¼ inch slices
•2 tbs pesto
•Salt and pepper to taste




Preheat your grill (Or you may use your oven and stovetop pan. If baking sweet potatoes in your oven, preheat to 425 degree F). In a large mixing bowl, place all of your turkey burger ingredients (pre-cook the onions) and mix well until combined. Form into 4-5 evenly sized burger patties and set aside. On a cutting board or tray, lay out your sweet potato slices. Evenly brush each side with your pesto and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Place your burgers on one side of the grill on low-med heat and the sweet potatoes on the other on medium. Flip hallway through making sure you have grill marks on each side to toast your sweet potatoes. Remove from the grill once the burgers and potatoes are fully cooked and serve on a whole grain bun or a lettuce “bun”. We served ours with sautéed mushrooms and a fresh green salad. Eat up!