• There are simple, practical ways to help combat seasonal affective disorder.
  • The truth about vaping.
  • You can reduce hypertension with good lifestyle choices.
  • Not only do they care for patients involved in traumas, they collect evidence.


Community Health Stories
A history of GNP care
11/26/2018 By HealthNews
Over 20 years ago, Jean helped launch GNP care in Kittitas County.
Life with epilepsy
11/29/2017 By HealthNews
A local mom's experiences with a condition that affects about 3.4 million people nationwide.
Know your health history this Thanksgiving
11/22/2017 By HealthNews
Too many of us know too little about our family health history.
When cancer comes close
10/18/2017 By HealthNews
"There is no way to really be prepared for it."
The healthy advantage of farmer's markets
8/10/2017 By HealthNews
Learn more about our local open air markets and the reasons to shop there.
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