During Labor

During Labor

Come to the Family Birthing Place at any time for a labor check if you’re uncertain whether you are in labor. False alarms are common. Just think of it as a practice run!

Stop at the hospital front desk to register when you arrive. You’ll be assigned a room and get a patient wrist band. If you arrive between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., use the Emergency entrance.

Inducing labor
If your provider plans to induce your labor, their office will schedule a tentative appointment for you at the Family Birthing Place. We’ll call you 24-48 hours before the scheduled date to confirm your appointment and answer any questions.

The level of activity here can be exciting and unpredictable, so your scheduled induction may be postponed based on induction bed availability.

If your provider determines your induction is a medical emergency, you will be immediately admitted to the Family Birthing Place.

Our nurses are trained in labor support techniques to help you cope with the strong contractions of labor. We may suggest that you try the Jacuzzi bathtub or shower, a birth ball, or a position change. Please keep an open mind; you never know what technique you will find helpful in labor!

During your labor and delivery, you may be in any position you like. We may ask you to change your position to help labor progress, or to aid in the safe delivery of your newborn. Although we encourage the use of our Jacuzzi bathtub during labor, we cannot deliver your baby in the water.

Like most hospitals in Washington State, we limit audio and video recording in the hospital. You are welcome to record your labor in the privacy of your own hospital room, but we ask that you stop recording during the actual delivery. Once your physician gives the okay after delivery, you can begin recording again. Recording is not allowed outside of the private rooms, including the operating room or family waiting area.

Please discuss your desire to record your labor with your care team when you are admitted to the hospital. Other restrictions on recording may apply.