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Before Placement of Your IUD

Placement of an IUD may cause mild to moderate discomfort. For this reason KVH Women’s Health offers medication to be taken prior to your appointment.

Misoprostol or Cytotec

This medication is used to soften the cervical opening. You may recognize this medication as it is sometimes used to induce labor. There are typically no side effects. Usually you will be asked to take it the night before the procedure and in some instances the morning of the procedure. It is important for you take a pregnancy test prior to taking this medication as it may lead to miscarriage.

Vicodin and Ativan

These medications are used in combination to help both with pain and anxiety. These are taken an hour before your appointment. It is important that someone accompany you to the appointment to drive you home if you choose to take these medications as you will be unsafe to drive. If you have had an adverse reaction to either of these medications substitutions will be made.

After Placement of Your IUD

  • The day you have the IUD placed you will likely have mild to moderate cramping and vaginal bleeding. Ibuprofen 800mg by mouth every eight hours can be used to relieve this.
  • In the weeks to follow you will likely experience stronger cramps than you had prior to the IUD. These will subside as your periods become lighter.
  • Many patients experience daily spotting with occasional heavier flow for the first three months the IUD is in place. If this is the case, please call our office and we can prescribe a medication to help diminish this.
  • You should feel for the IUD strings each month, particularly if you experience a heavy period. If you are unable to locate the strings, please call our office.
  • If the strings are felt by your partner, please call the office to set up a time to have them shortened.

If you experience severe cramping, heavy bleeding, or a fever you should notify our office immediately.