Board Responsibilities

The Board of Commissioners of Public Hospital District No. 1 is legally responsible for the overall performance of Kittitas Valley Healthcare (KVH) and its services. The Board develops strategic vision, establishes hospital goals, sets hospital policy, ensures continuous quality improvement, advances patient safety, monitors the financial status of the hospital, and hires and evaluates the work of the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer.

General Oversight
Identify constituents of Hospital District No. 1 and represent their collective interests and expectations.
Develop and refine the District’s vision, mission, and goals in collaboration with representatives of the District’s constituencies.
Ensure that strategies devised by the senior leadership team will fulfill the vision and accomplish primary goals.
Increase Board knowledge of health care issues by ongoing individual study and participation in educational opportunities.
Ensure that the District’s vision, mission, and goals are conveyed to the District’s constituents.
Quality Assessment and Improvement
Periodically review and approve written plans for improving the quality and safety of patient care and services provided.
Approve or deny medical staff privileges.
Regularly review the results of quality assessment and improvement activities for effectiveness.
Financial Oversight
Develop and review key financial objectives.
Ensure necessary financial planning procedures are undertaken in order for organizational resources to be effectively allocated.
Monitor and assess financial performance.
Ensure that appropriate accounting controls are in place.
Administrative Organization
Recruit and hire Chief Executive Officer.
Establish and periodically revise performance expectations for Chief Executive Officer.
Evaluate Chief Executive Officer’s performance and determine compensation for Chief Executive Officer.
Terminate Chief Executive Officer’s contract if necessary.
Board of Commissioners Organization
Ensure that governance structure and operation are appropriate.
Ensure that statutes that apply to board operation are followed.
Ensure that necessary governing policies and procedures are in place.
Ensure that an appropriate process for filling board vacancies is in place.
Establish Board committees as warranted, set their responsibilities accordingly, and seek input from Board committees regarding issues relevant to their specific areas of responsibility.