Before labor

With so much to think about, it's easy to forget about your hospital stay. While there's time, plan ahead and pack the following:

  • Going-home outfit and blanket for your baby.
  • Infant car seat,installed and ready to use.
  • Things that will make you more comfortable during labor and after delivery, such as your favorite pillow, music, movies, etc.
  • Change of comfortable clothes for yourself. (It's ok to wear your own clothes during your stay. If you need surgery, we have hospital gowns.)
  • Meals or snacks for your support person.

Birth plans
Birth plans can help to share your care preferences with your healthcare provider and the Family Birthing Place staff. Please discuss all of your care preferences with us so that we can help you have the experience you are hoping for.

Childbirth classes
KVH Hospital offers a seven-class childbirth education series. View the current schedule and register online.