KVH Patient Stories

HOSPITALIST CARE | February 2017

With two hip replacements under her belt, Nadine broke a blood vessel in an early morning fall. Her right knee quickly ballooned, filling with blood. The underside of her leg began turning black.

The ambulance took her to KVH Hospital.

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EMERGENCY CARE | September 2016
When Lisa found her daughter face down in the water, there was no time to agonize over a moment of distraction. She knew had to act quickly. 
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VIRTUAL CARE | August 2016

Friday night, Marx was battling cold symptoms. "By Saturday my throat was hurting and I had a little cough." Hours later, his right eye was matted closed and his temp was 102.
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KVH HOSPITAL | February 2016
Since 1980, Jim Pappas has turned to KVH for everything from emergency care for a hook stuck in his hand, to ulcer treatment. He’s had endoscopies, colonoscopies, MRIs and X-rays.
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