KVH Patient Stories


When Mike Knutson woke up at Harborview Medical Center after ten hours of surgery and four days of being unconscious, he thanked the physician who saved his life – and got an unexpected answer.

Actually, the surgeon said, the first place that saved his life was the place he came from – the emergency room at KVH Hospital.

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Retired economics professor Wolfgang Franz is a man with a keen appreciation for efficiency. It's what prompted him to write a letter lauding his provider at KVH Internal Medicine.
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HOSPITALIST CARE | February 2017
When Nadine fell and broke a blood vessel, her right knee quickly ballooned, filling with blood. The underside of her leg began turning black. The ambulance took her to KVH Hospital.
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EMERGENCY CARE | September 2016
When Lisa found her daughter face down in the water, there was no time to agonize over a moment of distraction. She knew had to act quickly. 
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