Allergies & Asthma: Make room to breathe

5/25/2017  By HealthNews

It's Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. You might wonder why the two were combined. After all, allergies are about more than breathing issues. But what you may not realize is that asthma and allergies often occur together.

According to Mayo Clinic allergy specialist Dr. James T C Li, those with a family history of allergies are at risk for allergic asthma. The same substances that trigger hay fever symptoms, such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander, may also cause asthma signs and symptoms. And while treatments for allergies and asthma are often very different, there are some, such as allergy shots (immunotherapy), that can treat both conditions.

Knowing what sets off your allergies and/or asthma, the 'triggers,' is a key defensive weapon in managing your own symptoms. Learn what those triggers are, and then figure out how best to limit your exposure to them. Your provider can help you find the best treatment to manage symptoms.

As your body changes, your treatments may also change. There may be times when you need additional medications to treat more severe symptoms. But as you continue to be aware of your body's changes and reactions and what triggers them, in partnership with your provider, you'll become the point person for managing your symptoms because you'll know what works best for you.