Family & Birthing Classes

All classes are held upstairs at KVH Hospital unless otherwise noted.

CHILDBIRTH SERIES (Seven 2-hour classes)

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The childbirth series assists the expectant mother and her family in preparing for the baby's birth and care. Classes are appropriate for both the mother and her support person.

Class 1: What to expect in the last 3 months, taking care of you, relaxation and breathing exercises, role of the support person.
Class 2: What is labor? Signs of labor, early and active labor, relaxation and breathing, conditioning in pregnancy.
Class 3: Transition and pushing, variations of labor, relaxation and breathing.
Class 4: Medical interventions, epidurals and pain medications.
Class 5: C-Sections, Family Birthing Place tour.
Class 6: Infant feeding.
Class 7: After the baby, newborn care, taking care of mom, putting it all together.


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Spend time celebrating your second or subsequent birth! Review the essentials, find out what's new in the pregnancy/birthing world, review the stages of labor and brush up on comfort measures for each stage, and learn how labor patterns with this baby can vary from prior childbirth experiences. Also includes a tour of the Family Birthing Place.

C-SECTION CLASS (free 1-hour class)

Tuesdays at Noon. Call 509.962.7386 to reserve your spot. 

Think you might be having a Caesarean section with your current pregnancy? Even if you've had a C-section before, this class, led by a physical therapist, will show you how best to prepare for and recover from the surgery. C-section class is held at KVH Physical Therapy.


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Learn about the biology of breastfeeding, the basics of latch and positioning, and how to overcome common breastfeeding challenges. Support persons are also encouraged to attend.

SIBLING PREPARATION (90-minute class)

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This interactive and educational class is designed for children ages 2 - 10 who are expecting a new sibling. Find out what it’s like to have a new baby in the family, learn about the birth process at an age appropriate level, and tour the Family Birthing Place. Children must be accompanied by an adult.